If you love your home but need more room, you don’t need to move to a bigger property with the extra expense of moving costs. Extend your home to give you the extra space you need. We can match the style and character of your existing home or opt for a complete contrast, the choice is yours.

  • More Living Space
  • Larger Kitchen
  • Additional Bedroom
  • Garage or Utility Room
  • Add an Additional Storey to Your Bungalow

Property Refurbishment and Alteration

Whether you have moved into a new property or lived in it is for many years, we can tailor your home to best suit your lifestyle.

  • Modernising a dated property
  • Improve efficiency of your building
  • Maximising your living space
  • Internal structural wall removal
  • Brighten a dark property using new glazing technologies
  • Garage and loft conversions


Timber Structures

Our experience allows us to build practically anything using timber. We are passionate about carpentry whether we are capitalising on a large unused loft space or creating a new oak outbuilding.

  • Loft Conversions
  • Green Oak Garages and Porches
  • Complex Traditional Roofs
  • Add an Additional Storey to Your Bungalow

Specialist Garden Buildings

A garden can often get overlooked as a way of gaining extra living space.

  • Home Office
  • Playroom
  • Studio
  • Guest Accommodation


Garden Rooms and Orangeries

A garden room offers all the benefits of a conservatory but without a fully glazed roof can be enjoyed all year round.

  • Not too hot in the summer
  • Not too cold in the winter
  • Can be open to the rest of your home all year round
  • Adds a bright and airy additional lounge, sitting or dining room